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 "Fixing model problems, with a focus on singular algebraic surfaces"

With Dani Brake

A slicer, which takes a 3d model and generates instructions for a 3d printer, requires a good model.  What's a good model?  It's water tight.  It has no holes.  It has a well-defined interior.  Good models are hard to produce.  Even high-quality modeling software can produce flawed objects.  Let's talk about where these flaws from from, and some ways to fix them.  The speaker, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Dani Brake will draw on their experiences with singular algebraic surfaces as motivation.  A discussion panel is anticipated.




311 Chancellors - Panels and Instruction


10:30-11:20am Eau Claire Pokemon Go discord group “Reaching Your Pokémon Goals” with @Saryfaery sponsored by (CIE)



11:30-12:20pm "Thriving on Foodservice" with Shawn Seuferer (ASK Center) (See more on this below)


12:30-1:20pm "The  Power of AND for Brain, Body, Spirit and Relationships"

(See more on this below)


1:30-2:20pm “Finding your H Factor (Hero Factor)" with Joshua Potter-Efron (Social Work Dept.) (See more on this below)


320E Ho-Chunk - Panels and Instruction


10:30–11:30am Rebecca Farrow "So... what now, A Q&A session about

post-grad freelance life"


12-1pm Athletics – “The Game Within The Game”  (Athletics)

with: Jill Millis (Assistant Athletic Director – Media Relations/Sports Information)

Jill is the Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations and Sports Information at UWEC. A former student-athlete and coach, Millis has worked various areas of athletics and is involved in all the aspects of what goes into “Blugold Game Day.”

and Matt Peterson (Digital and Broadcast Programs Manager,  Athletics/Housing/LTS/IMC/TV10)


 2-3pm Cosplay Panel: “Custom built: cosplay 101”

With: Jacoby Matott, Jessie "Plajus" Holewinski,  (Mac),  Natalya Bartelt, Puzzled Orca Cosplay and Trey Vidmn



320F Menominee - Panels and Instruction


11:30-12:30 pm “Pop Sculpture"

With: Tim Bruckner



2:30 – 3:30pm "Fixing 3D model problems, with a focus on singular algebraic surfaces" with: Dani Brake (Math) (Look left for more information)



340B Dakota Ballroom -  Panel discussions


10:30-11:30am  "Board Game Design 101"


Hans Kishel (Macintyre Library)

Tom and Melanie Johnson

Craig Sieracki (Alumni)

Ryan Lambert

Kurt Wiegel  Host (Chemistry)


12-1:15pm "Writers  in the Chippewa Valley"


BJ Hollars (English)

Rob Reid (English)

Wil Denson (Professor Emeritus: Theater)

Dalton Hessel (Student)


1:30-2:30pm "Developing Video Games"


Matt Larson/Theresa Hanson  “Disassembly Line”. (Alumni)

Kyle Johnson Developer of the game "redirect" (Student)

Chris Johnson (Computer Sciences)

Dan Trewin: Parallel Games (Student)


2:45-4:00pm  "Graphic Story Tellers, Tell All"


Tim Seeley  DC Comics, IDW….(Alumni)

Steve Kurth  Disney, Marvel.... (Alumni)

Andrew Ritchie IDW, BOOM! Studios, Image...(Alumni)

Rebecca Farrow : IDW, BOOM! Studios, Marvel (Alumni)

Anders Schafer  (Professor Emeritus: Art)

Ned Gannon (Art and Design)




UW-EC Davies Center  3rd floor

We have 4 rooms of Panel Discussions and Instruction.

There is something for everyone. Check out below and on

our Guest pages for more info on speakers.

"Finding your H Factor (Hero Factor)"

Joshua Potter-Efron. Social Work:

What is Your Secret Origin?

Joshua will engage workshop participants who want to discover their H Factor in recognizing

the unique strengths they have developed while identifying the crisis points in their lives that led them to choose the life of a superhero.

Joshua Potter-Efron graduated from UWEC with an English/Psychology Double Major.Joshua worked in Los Angeles for 17 years as a therapist, manager, and workshop facilitator before returning to Eau Claire. Joshua currently teaches in the UWEC Social mWork Dept. where he periodically awards students with outstanding work the designation mof being a Social Work Superhero!

In addition to teaching in the Social Work Department Joshua has done workshops for children and adults around finding their Hero Factor or H Factor, Being the Difference through the use of Goddess Girl stories, using Super Vision effectively with professionals, as well as doing work with individuals to discover their own Inner Super Hero.


Thriving on Foodservice:

Gotta have that caffé macchiato with two shots of expresso to wake up your brain and get through the morning? Do you frequently catch colds or flu? Shawn Seuferer, Vitalistic Protocol, LLC, presents a fast-moving 1-hour educational and entertaining demonstration, “Thriving on Foodservice.” She will explore possible reasons for fatigue, brain fog, restlessness, poor sleep, cravings– AND how to select nutritious foods to support your health and energy while in college!


Shawn Seuferer serves faculty, staff and students in the Administrative Support and Knowledge (ASK) Center here at UWEC. She has been at UWEC since 2007 in the offices of ORSP, CETL, and Foundation with a short break (working) at the Community Corrections Intake Office.

Outside of the university, Shawn wears many hats in her busy life.

Having a Master’s degree in Horticulture (science of the cultivation of plants), Shawn’s early career was spent in university horticulture and in industry research and consulting which exposed her to the use of nutrition to manipulate plant growth.

Years later, and now as a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Shawn speaks at schools and organizations and serves clients at her private practice, Vitalistic Protocol, LLC, in Eau Claire.

She has been married 25 years to Mel and has one daughter, Anna who lives in River Falls. Shawn and Mel live on Prosper Farm with 38 ornery sheep (some of whom have names which are not to be spoken here), 40 pesky chickens, 4 entitled cats (Rascal, Destarde, Wally, Tiger), and 2 disobedient dogs (Curly, Boomer).

Finally, Shawn is a 20-year cancer survivor who has a life mission of empowering others on their journey to wellness. She does so by educating about, restoring with, and connecting people to

nutritious foods and clean water.


"The  Power of AND for Brain, Body, Spirit and Relationships"

“Brain, Heart and Body need our attention for a healthy life. Come to understand these health connections and receive tips.”

with Sandra Sunquist Stanton NCC, LPC, BCC


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