Matt Larson/ Theresa Hanson:

Matt loves writing code and playing video games. Consequently, he also loves writing video game code. Matt finds immense satisfaction in making things work absolutely perfectly. You can check out his blog to see what he's been up to.

Theresa is the art monkey

Play games all day in the Video Game Play Center

(located in thee Centennial room in Davies  (320AB)

From todays console machine to some of the earliest, step back in time and dive into 8 bit glory. Brought to you by the

Computer Console Gaming Group (Org)

Chris Johnson

Associate Professor of Computer Sciences will be hosting a panel with students (past and present) on the creation of apps and video games.

His teaching interests include  programming languages, computer graphics, game development and mobile software development. Chris's research interests include programming languages, scientific visualization, game development and 3D printing.

Kyle Johnson:

Developer of the game "redirect" and

scholarship recipient to attend WWDC (Apple's developer conference) last Spring.  Kyle attends UW-Eau Claire and works for LTS (Learning and Technology Services) at UWEC.

Dani Brake

Assistant Professor of Math is a computational mathematician and data scientist at UWEC in the mathematics department.  Their passions include 3d printing singular algebraic surfaces, costume pieces, and functional prints.  Their on-line gallery of algebraic surfaces was computed using Dani's software Bertini_real.  Three 3d printers are operated by Dani -- a D300VS, a Rostock Max V2, and a Lulzbot Taz6.  Ninjaflex is Dani's favorite filament, and their favorite tools for 3d printing are C++, OpenSCAD, and Blender.

Dan Trewin: Parallel Games is a small indie game development studio. We started getting serious about making games back in 2012. Parallel Games was founded with the release of our first game Block Ooo. None of us work full time at our studio, but we love to program games in our spare time. We plan on releasing many more quality games in the future. Please consider supporting us by purchasing our games.

Our current project is Nomad Quest. Nomad Quest is an action & adventure game heavily inspired by the Zelda games of old (primarily The Legend of Zelda and The Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past). The game stars a user-named wizard protagonist. His goal is to grow in magical power by conquering the dungeons around the realm


For almost an entire year, Eric Johnson and Jodie Arnold have been recording their weekly podcast, Tell Me Something Weird. Between sips of local beers and wines, they tell each other stories of true crime, strange characters, the weird, the unusual, and the paranormal. These co-hosts have a long and interesting history that started as a romance, then shed its skin several times, causing one to ponder deep existential questions about the nature of the universe and face nightmarish Lovecraftian horror. Ultimately it bloomed into Tell Me Something Weird. Ready to get weird with us?








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