@Saryfaery and @Divchina have both been playing Pokemon Go for over a year and have each reached the level of 38.  @Saryfaery is also a moderator of the Eau Claire Pokemon Go discord group where players in the Chippewa Valley can organize and work together to meet Pokemon Go goals.


Ryan Lambert: Truck Off was conceived early 2016 by Ryan Lambert when he was trying to find a way to do a Food Truck Themed Game and work with a set of dice from D4 to D20.

In October of 2016, Adam of Adam’s Apple Games had a chance to playtest the game and like it so much he decided to pick it up for his company.  He and Ryan Lambert kept the core game the same but worked through more action cards, variability by player count and location modifiers.  In February of 2017, the game hit Kickstarter and successfully funded.  It delivered to KS backers and debuted at Gen Con 2017 and the buzz around it continues to grow.



Creators, James Gatzmer and Frank Lontz play-test their game: Galactic Infamy is a sci-fi bounty hunter themed board and card game with dice based combat for 2 to 6 players.

Each player takes on the role of a bounty hunter in search of the galaxy's most notorious crime lord.  Capture and turn in bounties to collect credits and infamy.  Spend credits on equipment and training to battle more difficult bounties.  Turn in the crime lord and the player with the most infamy is the winner! 2simpletons.com


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Hans Kishel started working on game design officially in 2005, when he asked Dean Essig the previous owner of “The Gamers” wargame company, and designer or all their series of games, a question at Homer Con.


The question was, “when are you (Dean) going to take the Operational Combat Series to the German invasion of France in 1940?”. Dean said, “as soon as you design it”. He has been designing and working on projects for Dean Essig and The Gamers/MMP ever since.


He has also served as a playtester for multiple projects as well as a researcher on many others

Currently he is playtesting for many of Dean’s projects for MMP.

Current design work:

Operation Cobra (Battalion Combat Series)

Meuse-Argonne Offensive (Battalion Combat Series)

World War I (Standard Combat Series, Operational Combat Series, other?)

City fighting in Stalingrad…..searching for a system or may just have to make a rule system myself

And even more ideas than you can shake a stick at…….



Johan Wyckoff, apart from a Creative Writing Major, a chronic procrastinator, and a purveyor of cookie dough, is an avid video gamer, board game fan, and sometimes a player or a Game master in Dungeons and Dragons. He’s also the co-host of Homescreen for TV10 and just wants people to hang out and have fun with. He will give you a hug if you give him a cup of coffee (milk and sugar) and a cream filled donut. (This isn’t a subliminal message for him to get food, he promises.)

Johan is managing the Game Room, stop by in Datoka A

and don't forget the coffee and dounuts.

Kurt Wiegel has been gaming since 1979, he played D&D (the original, baby!) in an indoor recess in South Vienna, Ohio. Playing a thief that died in the damned pit trap in the Kobold caves, he's been hooked ever since. A very fortunate man, he's married to a wonderful, patient woman who encourages his hobby, and has four beautiful gamers-in-training.

When not gaming, he pretends to be a chemistry professor (Ph. D. in Polymer Science and Engineering) at UW-Eau Claire, and also occasionally dabbles in local theater.

Tom and Melanie Johnson, Game Production Workshop

Tom has been working on game design since the early 90’s if not earlier. He created the Master Europa add-on to the Game Series Europa, as well as running a convention for that game series

 in this region for many years

Tom and Melanie have now formed GPW to work on their own new game series  the Operational Combat Model System (OCMS) and have released two games in the series to date.








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