Davies 3rd floor: Room Layout

311 Chancellors - Panels and Instruction


320 Centenial AB Video Game Worldarama: All day video games with new and vintage consoles, contests and more.  Managed by Computer Console Gaming Group


320C  Centenial Massages


320D  Centenial CLOSED


320E Centenial Ho-Chunk - Panels and Instruction


320F Menominee - Panels and Instruction



328 Woodland Theater – TV 10 Take Over.

TV10 takes the theater over, what they choose is on them...and get your Popcorn here. (UAC/TV10)


330 Ojibwe Ballroom - Main Convention Floor:  Everything GEEKY is in this room, come and find your Power of AND. See Ojibwe map for more.


240A Dakota Ballroom - All day game room: Card games, board games, RPGs and more. Stop in and learn new games with local game producers and players.  Bring your own game and teach us a game or two.


340B Dakota Ballroom -  Panel discussions



350 Alumni - CLOSED





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Table Index: (Tables are subject to change)

1-10 The Blockheads: The LTS LEGO Collectors

11-12 No Brand Con

13 Music “Unplugged”

14-16 Craft/Food Tables

17-25 The Knitting Circle (Arts/Crafts)

26 Corrisa's Oil Shoppe (Vendor)

27 Open Eau Claire (Student Org.)

28-33 Clairemont Comics and Games (Vendor)

34 Barb Mullenberg: Comic Card Collector (Vendor)

35 Zoua Kha: Art Major - Studio Art, Japanese Minor (Artist)

36 Opalescent Inkling (Artist)

37-39 3d Printing & Math with Dani Brake (Artist/Programmer)

40 Tell Me Something Weird (Podcast)

41 Fanboy: David Recine & Mark Lone (artist/publisher)

42-44 Gaming Generations (Vendor)

45-46 UWEC Book Store (Vendor)

47 Student of Ministry of Magic (Student Org.)

48-49 PRIDE (Student Org.)

50-52 UWEC Art students

53-54 Mat Bergs (Artist)

55 Blugold Beginnings Robotics

56 SWAT Student Wellness Advocate and Team (Student Org.)

57 Counseling Services (Services)

58 Debbie Beir (Vendor)

59 Hans Kishel (Game Creator)


60 Tom and Melanie Johnson (Game Creators)

61 Ryan Lambert Truck Off (Game Creator)

62-63 Games by James (Vendor)

64 Aviculae (Vendor)

65-66 Revival Records (Vendor)

67 Jay Reiter: Saturn Studios (Author/Publisher)

68 Danny Phillips: IDW (Artist)

69-70 Craig Sieracki: Chomp (Game Creator)

71-72 Tim Bruckner (Sculptor/Artist/Author)

73-74 Monster Model  Review / Game Geeks (Passions)

75 Sarah and Kit (Crafts and Passions)

76 Society of Physics Students (Student Org.)

77 MakeUWEC! (Student Org.)

78 The Macintyre Maker Space (Crafts and Passions)

79-80 Cosplayers (Costume Designers)

81 Coplay Managed (Vendor)

82 Blugold Radio (Media)

83 Dalton Hessel (Author)

84 Wil Denson: (Author)

85 Ander Schafer (Author/Artist)

86 Steve Kurth: (Artist) Marvel/Disney, IDW, DC Comics…

87 Rebecca Farrow: (Artist) IDW, BOOM! Studios, Marvel…

88 Andrew Ritchie: (Artist) IDW, BOOM! Studios, Image…

89 Tim Seeley: (Author/Artist) DC Comics, IDW, Devils Due…

90-91 K3 Fantasy & Sports Cards - Collectibles








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