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Rob Mattison (LTS (Learning and Technology Services)) has been filming things since the early 70s and continues to do so in video today.  Rob produces two YouTube programs Monster Model Review and Game Geeks RPG, the first, his passion and the second a fun informational show on RPGs with Host Kurt Wiegel.

A fan of monsters, monster models, comic


Carley Isham: Opalescent Inkling

 is a UWEC college graduate of 2016, working to be a freelance comic artist/Illustrator while working a full-time day job. Specializing in mix media of watercolor, ink and digital with a focus on line work with texture. Over the past year, having found doll work and the art of customizing them it’s quite calming of an activity. Selling art work at conventions and some commissions, with an open horizon for the future.

Belinda Raskie has been working part-time at UW-EC since 1989.

She learned to knit & crochet as a pre-teen, but spent more time at it as an adult while home with children. Knitted cotton dishcloths are usually on her needles, since they are useful & she's sold many at craft sales. Belinda has taught many to knit,including a teenager sitting next to her on an airplane ride to California, students she worked with at the library’s main circulation desk during the all night hours, and many elementary kids in an after school activity.

Knitting & crochet is a way to keep she keeps her hands busy & productive.


Displaying their favorite pieces from a range of LEGO sets, including

Star Wars, Disney,

Sponge Bob and more.

Josh Brown. When I'm not working as a professor at UW-Eau Claire, I busy myself with all things fiber. I spin, knit, work bobbin lace, and do needlework. My favorite thing about crafting with fiber is how meditative it can be. It occupies the mathematical / structural and the creative parts of the brain. It also centers you to focus on the piece that's emerging, instead of stressing about other things. Working with fiber connects your hands back to the earth--the sheep grazing on grass, the flax and cotton growing from the soil---it slows you down and refocuses your life.

Debbie Baier, UWEC Counseling Services Office Manager by day, doTERRA Wellness Advocate by night. doTerra is famous for producing therapeutic-grade essential oils around the world.

doTERRA, is a Latin derivative meaning

“Gift of the Earth.”

I enjoy sharing the benefits of using essential oils with others. My favorite is InTune. InTune is a focus blend.

Technology by day, hobbies by night. Kit and Sarah Brower enjoy doing and teaching the things they love. They are DIY fish keepers and participate in the SCA (Society for creative Anachronism-A medieval living history group). Each year they attend SCA events and teach others their craft. Separately, Kit is a woodworker that makes hand wood planes and Sarah creates glass beads from a torch as well as other crafts not limited to polymer clay, pottery, weaving, and crochet. Sarah has been a part of UW-Eau Claire since 2000 as both staff and student. Together they are Fine Wood Tools & Glass!

Matthew Bergs is a UWEC Illustration student that wears a scarf, and does some really great and expressive portrait work. Matt's Cool Caricatures are classy, clever creations of critical acclaim! Seriously, though, each drawing is expressive yet accurate, and they're pretty cool.

It helps me focus when I am working on a challenging project – and I think it would be most beneficial for homework time!

I have a set of Angel Cards (Angel Therapy by Doreen Virture), I thoroughly enjoy giving Angel Card readings. It is delightful to watch people’s eyes light up by the messages they receive.


Aviculae has been in the handmade business since 2014. Specializing in geeky things, Aviculae offers handmade goods ranging from capes to mermaid blankets to soaps and bath bombs, all handmade with love!

Amanda Mondlock: Knitter

books, vdeo games, fantasy and sci-fi, Rob also likes to color comic art, write, sculpt and play with just about any hobby he finds. (






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